PlayStation Plus Free Games May 2018 for Parents

PSPlus May 18

Sony’s monthly drop of free games is available for download, and it’s a good month to be a subscribed PS Plus owner (especially if you have a PS4). For a full lowdown on what PlayStation Plus is, please check out our guide here (coming soon).  For parental guidance (from PEGI) and a brief overview of each game, please keep reading below.

Beyond: Two Souls  


Format: PS4 
PEGI Rating: 16+ 
PEGI Guidance: “Frequent moderate bad violence and occasional strong bad language”  
Metacritic Rating: 72/100 

The headliner this month is Beyond: Two Souls, an interactive adventure narrative experience (where choices matter more than gaming proficiency) starring both Ellen Paige and William Dafoe in headlining roles. You play as Jodie Holmes (Ellen), a young woman with supernatural powers, who is linked psychically to Aiden, a mysterious invisible entity and the source of her powers.  

Rayman Legends 

Format: PS4 
PEGI Rating: 7+ 
PEGI Guidance: Store shows PEGI labels for violence and Fear 
Metacritic Rating: 90/100 

Following on from the hit game “Rayman Origins”, Rayman Legends harks back to the limbless heroes 2D platforming roots. With its charming visuals, catchy ear-worm soundtrack and near flawless precision controls, this is a delight from beginning to end. As a bonus, the majority of levels from Rayman Origins are unlockable in the game, meaning you don’t need to worry about diving into this title if you skipped the first. This is a great multiplayer game for the whole family, with up to 4 players available at any one time (although this is still a great experience in Single Player). 

Risen 3: Titan Lords – Complete Edition 

Format: PS3 
PEGI Rating: 16+ 
PEGI Guidance: “frequent moderate violence, strong bad language and use of drugs and alcohol.” 
Metacritic Rating: 36/100 

 In this action RPG, you are the hero humanity needs. As the world is abandoned by its deities and recovering from the scars left by the Titans, you battle to reclaim what the shatters of your own life and reclaim what is lost in the darkness spreading throughout the world. 

Eat Them! 

Format: PS3 
PEGI Rating: 16+ 
PEGI Guidance: Store page shows label for violence. 
Metacritic Rating: 65/100 

In this action game, you are the monster. Smash Cities, eat people and destroy your friends as your own customised monster character. Consuming innocent cities inhabitants powers up your beast’s abilities. This game supports 1-4 players, so enjoy alone or with friends for a smashing time. 

King Oddball 

Format: PS Vita 
PEGI Rating: 3 or 7 (the PS Store shows 3+, whilst the PEGI Official Site shows 7+) 
PEGI Guidance: Store page shows label for violence. 
Metacritic Rating: 66/100 

You are King Oddball, and you have the power to end the world. This physics puzzler has you playing as royalty, as a fixed ball in the sky with a lolloping tongue. Game-play is simple and addictive, as it only uses one button – press the button to decide when King Oddball drops the boulder swinging from his tongue to take out the targets on-screen. Think of Peggle crossed with Angry Birds. 



Format: PS Vita 
PEGI Rating: 3 or 7 (the PS Store shows 3+, whilst the PEGI Official Site shows 7+) 
PEGI Guidance: Store page shows label for violence. 
Metacritic Rating: 69/100 

In a throwback to the Lemmings games of yore, this physics puzzle has you laying down conveyors, bouncers and all manners of other gadgets to get your Furmins to the goal. 

European PlayStation Plus Subscribers can download the games through their consoles or using this link. We recommend redeeming all games (even if you only own one of the consoles) as they will stay in your library for as long as you’re a subscriber (I.e. if you get a PS4 at a later date, you will already have a library of games at your disposal). 

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