Microsoft Unveil Game Changing Controller for Video Game Accessibility

In a huge leap forward for gaming accessibility, Microsoft today unveiled a new Adaptive Controller that can easily be modified to suit any control scheme. Designed to cater for those who struggle with a standard controller (such as the XBOX One Controller), every button and stick can be customized with alternative input methods to allow everyone the chance to game. 

 Gamers with limited mobility will already know of the challenges faced when trying to engage in video games, with many existing solutions costing large sums of cash, or requiring a high degree of Technical Knowledge to get configured. Microsoft revealed the below trailer to the world this week, demonstrating the importance of gaming to all and the flexibility this new peripheral adds.  


The first notable feature is the striking 2 button design (mapped to A and B by default, although 100% changeable to the needs of the player). These have been designed to be easy to push.  Along the back of the device, a 3.5mm jack exists to represent every single button of the standard controller, a move which allows players to reutilise existing components they are likely to already own. 

Xbox Adaptive Controller - Back Ports
Use of standardised peripherals to maximise accessability


Customised input methods are straightforward to configure. For instance, if you wanted a bite controller to be the “A” button, you’d plug the controller in at the “A” at the back. If you wanted a large button for “Y”, you would plug that into the “Y” slot. The control sticks are handled through 2 USB inputs at the back, which natively accepts a variety of existing sticks. 

Xbox Adaptive Controller
The controller can be used in conjunction with a large selection of hardware


Speaking to arsTECHNICA, Phil Spencer (Executive President of Gaming at Microsoft) has stated that this is not being sold as a competitive product. “I will never turn this into a Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft [competitive] thing. Anybody, literally anybody who wants to learn from the work we’ve done here—or even try to do more than that with the work we’ve done here—I’m completely open to that. it doesn’t have to have an Xbox logo on it. Let’s just allow more people to play.” 

Xbox Adaptive Controller
Demonstration Setup for how the controller can be used

The Adaptive Controller will be available exclusively through the Xbox Store later this year, retailing at $99.99 (UK price still to be announced). More details will be unveiled at E3 2018 (Tuesday 12th– Friday 15th June). 

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