About Us

Hi there, and welcome to gamermum.com. Our mission objective is simple; we break down the world of gaming and tech into an easily digestible format for parents, so you can make informed entertainment choices for your kids.  

Confused between your Xbox Ones and Xbox 360s? Befuddled at the difference between YouTube and YouTube Kids? Minecraft seems like witchcraft? Then this is the blog for you; with news, reviews and practical guides written for parents, by parents. With technology evolving at a rate of knots, and children having an increased access to a range of electrical devices, knowledge is power when it comes to parenting. By following our expert advice, you can guarantee your children reap the benefits of the latest innovations, whilst staying safe online and not being exposed to materials beyond their maturities. 


About the Author

Gamermum.com was founded in 2018 by Charlotte Cook, a Mother and qualified Mechanical Engineer with a passion for all things gaming and technology. Charlotte has been collecting video games all of her life and loves nothing more than curling up on the sofa to try out a new title. When not running her blog, Charlotte can be found engaging in photography, baking something tasty in the kitchen and learning a new crafty hobby (current challenge: learning to knit).

Charlotte also runs mamamakesdo.com, a site focused on money saving tips, recipes and crafts.


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